Establishment of Zhuo Ge Education Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Monday, 31 January 2022

The Group established Zhuo Ge Education Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. on 25 April 2021 for the purpose of better training of financial tax professionals. Zhuo Ge Education Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is subordinate to R&T Consulting Group, with a unique international professional team and international network distribution. Zhuo Ge's teaching team is up-to-date with international and domestic policies and changes. It is a hands-on, results-oriented educational institution that focuses on the close integration of talent from training to employment.

Zhuo Ge education has an independent financial online school, an interactive AI learning platform, open classes, online live classes, question banks, exercises, analogous exam applets, etc. to provide students with personalized education services and help them to effectively improve their professionalism and abilities.


More about Zhuo Ge Education:

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