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Hong Kong has a competitive advantage over most other countries in the world by enjoying a lower tax rate and a simpler tax system. Doing business or moving assets to Hong Kong is therefore extremely advantageous. Nowadays more and more corporations invest into Mainland China through Hong Kong and therefore need to face tax issues in two jurisdictions: an effective tax planning will bring a competitive advantage to the business.

Our tax advisory team has over ten years of experience in managing tax compliance issues with the Inland Revenue Department in Hong Kong and with the local tax bureau in Mainland China, and will provide the most effective tax planning and consulting in these two tax jurisdictions. Our professional teams are regularly updated on new tax ordinances, rules and guidelines in order to deliver the most accurate expertise in matter of taxation. For other tax issues in the Asia Pacific Region and beyond, we can render our service through our business partners in order to meet our clients' regional requirements.

Individual Tax Compliance and Planning
In addition to filing tax returns and tax computations we can act as tax representatives coordinating with the tax authorities on behalf of our clients, in Hong Kong and Mainland China. For personal assets or financial planning, whether in Hong Kong or China, we can provide an effective tax planning so to fulfill the requirements of tax jurisdictions and enjoy tax savings.

Corporate Tax Compliance and Planning
We can act as tax representatives and provide tax advisory services on both routine statutory tax reporting and tax planning. In case of dispute with tax authorities, we act as professional advisors to provide effective solutions to our clients while dealing with tax authorities in a proper manner, in order to solve any problem and minimize the risks and disturbances of normal business operations for our clients.

Transfer Pricing
Our tax advisory team assist corporations in optimizing overall regional tax rates by minimizing tax-related costs of inter-company transactions. By making use of favorable tax rates in different countries, we can provide restructuring proposals to clients suggesting how to change business processes in a more tax-advantageous way, in both the planning and operational stages.

Tax Investigations and Field Audits
Our management and our tax advisory team have an extensive experience and knowledge in handling tax investigation cases. Our objective is to minimize possible disturbances to normal business activities during the investigation period and the risk of being involved for the key management personnel. We represent clients in making objections and appeals to the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) in Hong Kong and liaise with case officers so to prepare and submit settlement proposals and subsequent appeals where necessary.


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